Causes of paper crushing after die-cutting in automatic die-cutting machine

A small mouth knocked or sawed out of a die cutter is not appropriate

(1) The small mouth is mainly opened in the direction of paper movement, and the left and right sides may not open or open a little.

(2) The small mouth should be as far as possible on the finished product box where it can be glued inside or folded inside.

(3) If there are inconsecutive holes in the paper, be sure to open a small hole in the die-cutting knife on the die-cutting plate to prevent the waste paper inside the hole from falling on the steel plate and being dragged into the indentation. In the line, the broken part of the product is broken.

(4) If the paper is thin, the strength of the paper is larger, and the opening is less, lighter, and narrower; if the paper is thicker, the strength is more bad, and the opening is more, deeper, and wider.

(5) If the box edge of the finished box is flat, the opening should be more, deeper and wider. If the box edge of the finished box is hooked, the edges and the finished product will be hooked with each other. The opening may be less, lighter, and narrower. .

(6) The faster the machine is operating, the greater the acceleration, the greater the pull force when drawing from the stationary molding position, and the need for more joints on the printed sheet is not to be broken, and the opening needs to be more, deeper, More wide.

Second, the reasons for the plastic strip on the die-cut version

The strip on the knife plate is glued on both sides of the die cutter and is used to eject the paper from the die cutter after each die cutting. If the strip is flattened, the height is lower than the height of the knife or the glue stick is sticky. Too little, or missing in the die-cutting, the die-cut paper will stick to the die-cutting knife. At this time, the cheeks will pull and the paper will break. In addition, instead of using self-adhesive strips, the method of hand-gluing will misadhere the adhesive to the surface of the strip, which will also cause the paper to break when subjected to greater pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replace the strip.

Third, die-cutting pressure is too high

The die-cutting pressure is too high, or the pressure of a certain part is particularly large, and a deep knife mark will be pressed on the steel plate. The knife mark will hook the paper cut and cause the paper to break and break. Solution: Adjust the paper pressure so that it is appropriate and uniform.

Fourth, the problem from the indentation die

The storage time is too long or the quality is not good, and the preservation environment is improper, causing the indentation to have a vague surface with glue. Under the action of high pressure, it will stick to the paper, and it can properly slap some talcum powder; the surface of the indentation mold is not smooth or is indented In the process of molding, the paper dust will invade due to the ingress of paper dust, and the paper will crush the paper and crush it. It is necessary to replace the indentation mold or remedy with glue.

Fifth, die-cutting machine problems

During the use of the die-cutting machine, if the thickness of the paper varies greatly, the grippers may lose their elasticity and cannot hold the paper. The individual grippers pull the paper too much and cause the paper to break; the grippers should be adjusted in time. , make it pull evenly on the paper.

In addition, in actual operation, the actual situation, the specific analysis of specific issues, identify problems to solve

Reprinted from: Jianxin Printing Machine

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