Can make prints more realistic color printing technology

With the development of economy and culture, the society has put forward higher requirements for the quality of printed matter. Driven by market demand, the printing industry's equipment, materials and process technology are also constantly improving. To make printing companies open up a larger market, we must have innovative vision and strategies. The application of new technologies one step ahead and the improvement of product quality are the key to increasing profits for enterprises and accelerating progress on the path of sound and sustainable development.

In recent years, high-fidelity color printing technology has become the main research content in the field of international printing.

High-fidelity color printing technology, which is highly realistic and vivid with the visible color reproduction technology of nature, breaks the limitations of the four-color printing color gamut, creates a new printing color expression, creates a new era of printing, and is gradually becoming a mainstream process for high-end color prints. And quality standards.

High-definition printing technology can significantly improve the clarity of prints and make printed images more delicate and soft. High-fidelity color printing technology can greatly expand the printing color gamut, make the prints more colorful and natural, closer to the natural color and three-dimensional sense, and can represent colors that cannot be copied by conventional printing. The combined use of the above two technologies will enable the printed matter to reach the top level in the world. This is an upgrading technology that is required for the design and production of high-end color prints.

High-fidelity color anti-counterfeiting technology, due to the exclusiveness of the ink separation model and the neutral gray balance model design, can not be used to accurately duplicate the color of the anti-counterfeit prints in other technologies. Color anti-counterfeit images and color passwords have a first-line anti-counterfeiting and second-line anti-counterfeiting features, respectively, making high-fidelity color anti-counterfeiting complete sets of technologies a highly efficient and low-cost anti-counterfeiting measure, and have enormous commercial value.

The high-definition, high-fidelity, color printing complete set of technological research projects was hosted by Beijing Jiaji Tianshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and was approved by the Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology in November 2000. The project is suitable for the printing industry, especially high-end albums for packaging and commercial printing companies, as well as companies engaged in anti-counterfeit printing, especially those engaged in high-quality color prints, which have a high application value.

In May 2003, Hangzhou Zhongliang Meite Container Co., Ltd. signed the technical results of the project and passed the expert appraisal organized by China Packaging Corporation. This technology uses 5-7 color 200-350lpi printing proofs and conventional four-color 175lpi printing proofs and products, the image sharpness is significantly improved, the fine level is improved, the visual roughness of the overprinted color significantly reduced. The color gamut of printing is obviously increased, the range of tone adjustment is increased, the printing color is brighter and more saturated, the layers are more abundant, and the three-dimensional feeling is stronger. High-definition and hi-fi technology and products, under certain conditions, can reduce the use of spot color inks. Under the current state of the printing iron industry, there are certain anti-counterfeiting effects.

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