Reasons for the problem of non-permissible cardboard size and solutions

1. The tightness of the original paper is not good, that is to say, the base paper is relatively loose, and the heat shrinkage is severe, resulting in warp and deformation of the cardboard, which is one of the reasons for the dimensional inaccuracy. The excessive moisture or warpage of raw materials and corrugated board is also a cause of inaccurate dimensions. Under normal circumstances, the water content of the corrugated paperboard is basically about 10% to 14%, but if the water content of the off-line is between 14% to 18% or higher, it is more humid.

If the cardboard is directly printed, grooved or die-cut after going offline, the dimensions will be more accurate. However, for a period of time, when the water content is released, when the moisture content is less than 10%, the cardboard will retract, the overall paperboard size will become smaller, and the dimensions of each part will be different. The 1m long paperboard will shrink about 4~6mm. Therefore, it is very important to master the moisture of paper and board.

Each batch of cardboard must be measured with a quick moisture meter to determine its moisture content, depending on the size of the water, printing, slotting, and die cutting time. If the moisture is too large, it must be placed in the cardboard for 4 hours, after the natural drying and then the next process of production, the general factory delivery of water in (10 ± 2)%. This is also the reason why the size of a carton enterprise when it is produced is accurate, but the reason why the size becomes smaller after putting it under natural conditions for a certain period of time.

2. The size of the corrugated box is not accurate when the production size is down or the adjustment is wrong. This is mainly caused by the operator's inattention. This problem will be avoided if a serious audit is performed during normal production.

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