Custom furniture is not returned to the owner to buy to guard against consumer risks

In recent years, the number of real estate units has emerged in an endless stream, and the decoration styles are diverse. The demand for consumer differentiation and individualization is also increasing. Therefore, it is possible to customize the furniture according to local conditions. According to relevant surveys, up to 85% of homeowners want to buy custom furniture; 54% of homeowners have already purchased custom furniture, and about half of them are small-sized people.

The success of custom furniture stems from “fixing”, but serious defects also stem from “fixing”. Because "fixed" also has the meaning of "customized, can not change." According to industry insiders, this year’s complaints about furniture products, about

Consumer disputes about custom furniture have become a new hot spot.

Cannot be returned

Consumers are unfair

"I thought that custom furniture can make home decoration more distinctive. Who knows that the product and the wall are not attached, can not be installed. What is more annoying is that it can not be returned." Mr. Yuan said to the reporter. Two months ago, Mr. Yuan customized seven sets of furniture such as wardrobes, desks and beds in a small custom furniture store near the Red House. However, the customized bedside tables were not attached to the wall, and the wardrobe boards were bursting, cracking and scratching. Injury and other issues; Ms. Xiao ordered a batch of cabinet doors in a decorative city on May 1st. After picking up the goods, she found that two doors did not match the order. Since there was no written contract, the two sides held the same word.

During the visit, we found that many citizens expressed concern about the after-sales service of customized furniture. Many consumers called for unfairness after paying the money first, and the results were not satisfactory and could not be returned, violating the principle of fair trade. It is understood that the details of furniture customization work are intricate, from the consumer orders, organization of production, distribution, door-to-door installation and after-sales service, etc. must be interlocking, and the plate customization and hardware involved in the product customization process, Very easy to make mistakes.

Return furniture can no longer be sold

Merchants would rather cut prices "flattening"

“Customized furniture will be scrapped once it is returned.” A person in charge of the furniture factory, who asked not to be named, told reporters that because the furniture was made according to the special needs of consumers, it was highly targeted and not good to sell. For others, so most manufacturers are reluctant to accept returns and often take a price cut to "flatten."

The reporter visited some custom furniture stores in Rongcheng and found that due to the uniqueness of the customized furniture, every detail of the furniture is determined according to the customer's needs. In case of problems, it is very difficult to return. A brand of wardrobe custom responsible person told reporters that if consumers have serious quality problems after receiving the goods, such as severe deformation, etc. can be returned, but generally there will be no serious quality problems, plus custom products can not be resold, generally advocate repair and solve problem. “What if there is a product defect and installation problem?” The person in charge said: “If there is any inconsistency between the finished furniture and the drawings, the consumer can refuse to accept it. If the installation is not satisfactory, the merchant will be responsible for reinstalling.”

Another brand of wardrobe store sales staff mentioned that custom-made furniture merchants usually conduct multiple comparison tests on product quality and design. Consumers have problems such as peeling, falling paint and excessive pollution index within five years after purchase. The merchant will implement the warranty.

Lack of standard

Care must be taken when choosing custom furniture

Due to the lack of uniform national or industry standards for custom furniture services, there is less “ruler” in dealing with consumer disputes. Especially before accepting the order for custom furniture service, the operator generally requires the consumer to make a full advance payment or pay a deposit in a certain proportion. If the two parties did not make detailed arrangements on the important contents of the furniture, such as size, price and material, the operator did not According to the relevant requirements, the "Furniture Product Instruction Manual" is provided to consumers. Once a consumer dispute arises, it is difficult for consumers to return the purchase price.

Therefore, users are reminded to familiarize themselves with relevant quality standards before customizing, and to listen to the opinions of professionals, it is best to find a brand business, and to ensure the quality of customized furniture while pursuing individuality. In addition, we should pay attention to the following principles: choose a custom company to listen more and understand more; the contract content should include the substrate, color, size, etc. of the furniture; after the furniture is finished, it must be inspected personally to determine various materials. Use it correctly, and keep a final payment after the inspection ensures that there is no problem.

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