The exhibition motivation and ideas of the furniture exhibition will change in the future

The biggest thing in the furniture industry in September was that there were no exhibitions in Dongguan, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Dongguan sees more and moves less; Shanghai has many foreigners and fewer people; there are more exhibition halls in Guangzhou and fewer people. Depression is the only main theme of this fall.

It is foreseeable that if any company restricts the purpose of participating in the exhibition to recruiting domestic distributors, they will be disappointed again and again in the days to come. The domestic economic situation is related to this, but it is not the only and decisive factor.

Fundamentally, the show is just a display platform, not only showing brands and products, but also showing business models. When the business model of the industry changes, the exhibition will inevitably change. For example, the e-commerce pavilion of Shenzhen Exhibition in March this year, as well as the exhibition halls of engineering decoration and decoration that are vigorously launched by Shenzhen Exhibition and Dongguan Station are all evidence.

In addition, the motives of more and more large companies participating in the exhibition have changed – from product display to brand display and business model display, such as the wedding room furniture launched by Fuzhi Island in Shenzhen in March, and the imperial standard in Chengdu. The ARS terminal mode introduced at the show. In the recent visit to Dongguan, it happened that I encountered such two companies in one day, which confirmed the author's idea from the side.

Enterprise A, a Chinese-style solid wood enterprise, has not exhibited more than 100 traditional specialty stores, and the store has a good momentum. However, the future development direction is based on the oriental home culture, and the offline stores are all converted into experience stores. The main products are changed from furniture to the whole home of fragrance, tea, bedding and furniture.

Enterprise B, an American solid wood enterprise, has only one series of products, and has not participated in the exhibition in recent years. It also has more than 100 specialty stores. Starting from furniture, it has created American cabinets, wine cellars and audio-visual systems. The future direction is with Meikemei. The home is similar, but in fact it is quite different from the American-style overall home independent store.

The two companies are developing very well, but they have shifted the direction of the future to the traditional "investment in the exhibition - store in the hypermarket" mode. It cannot be said that the transformation of the exhibition mode of the furniture industry has become an irresistible trend, and it is seen in the subtleties. However, it is such two companies that there is still the possibility of exhibiting in the future, and one of them has already scheduled a booth for the Shenzhen exhibition in March next year. The reason is the change in the way companies exhibit.

The future China Furniture Fair will be the same as the future Chinese furniture business, showing diversified, cross-border, personalized, high-end and other trends. The future of China Furniture Fair may not be as artistic as the Milan show, but it will certainly form its own unique exhibition culture based on Chinese characteristics.

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