Examination of bite-feeding of offset printing machine

When printing with offset presses such as J2108 and J2203, sometimes it is found that the positioning of the front gauge paper feed is not correct, the reason is that the feeding teeth cannot bite the paper. From the surface, it seems that there is no problem with paper delivery, because when the paper enters the front regulation, the paper delivery teeth bite the paper normally, and there is no phenomenon that the paper can not hold the paper. Normally, the paper is not in place or the teeth are too little to bite, which will cause the teeth to be unable to bite the paper. Once this happens, the impression teeth and chain teeth cannot bite the paper, which affects the quality of the print. But sometimes this is not the case. The pendulum can't bite the paper, but it can't be seen. This is mainly due to the light pressure of the pendulum. So how can this situation be detected?

The method is very simple: just point the car and enter a piece of paper into the front gauge, make the delivery teeth bite the paper and lift it, and then hold the other end of the paper with your hand and gently pull it back, if the paper is separated from the delivery teeth, This means that the paper cannot be bitten (the bite force is too light). But sometimes it is an exception. The above method alone cannot be a good way to judge the bite of the paper delivery teeth. After the paper is bitten by the paper delivery teeth, it is pulled gently. If it cannot be pulled down, it is easy to be mistaken for a bite. Normally, it is actually not certain, because after the paper was bitten by the paper, the order was slightly lifted, and there was still a certain slope when pulling it out. With the effect of the bite force, of course, it could not be pulled down. So, how can we more effectively detect the bite of the delivery tooth?

In work practice, we often use the following methods, which are both simple and reliable. That is, on the basis of the former method, put a piece of paper on the front gauge into the front gauge, and let the swinging teeth bite the paper, pull the paper with one hand, and then gently press the paper with the other hand. Near the corner of the paper where the teeth are bitten, if the bite force is too light, the paper will be separated from the bite when you press the paper, so you should adjust the bite force of the pendulum; if the paper cannot be pressed down, it is normal.

Compared with the previous method, although this method has only one word difference, a "pull" word and a "press" word, the judgment result is sometimes different.

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