Installation requirements for electromagnetic flow sensors of electronic measuring instruments

1. When measuring mixed fluids, it should be installed in a place where the fluids are not separated; when measuring two-component fluids, wait until both are mixed before measuring; when measuring fluids with chemical reactions, wait until the chemical reactions are fully completed.

2. Install in a location with little vibration.

3. Since it is an electromagnetic flow sensor, electromagnetic interference should be avoided.

Fourth, try to avoid negative pressure in the tube.

5. Grounding should be convenient.

6. There should be no high concentration of corrosive gas in the installation environment.

7. Place in a cool place.

8. Pay attention to the influence of ambient temperature. Generally, the temperature should be controlled within the range of -25 to 60 degrees Celsius, and some flow sensors have stricter requirements.

9. Watch the applicable humidity range on the sensor. Generally 10% -90%.

10. Prevent rain.

11. Keep a certain straight pipe before the measuring position of the sensor.

12. It is best to be perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The fluid passes the sensor from bottom to top. (Organized by China Educational Equipment Purchasing Network)

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