"High-power GaN-based LED manufacturing technology based on SiC substrate" passed acceptance

China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: According to recent news from the Ministry of Science and Technology, with the support of the “Eleventh Five-Year” 863 Program “Semiconductor Lighting Project” major project, Shandong Huaguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has undertaken the “high-power GaN-based SiC substrate-based The topic of "LED manufacturing technology" has made important breakthroughs and passed the acceptance recently.

This subject focuses on the key technologies of SiC substrate nucleation layer growth, substrate removal, mirror preparation, surface roughening, ohmic electrode preparation and chip cutting. In the EBL layer, Al composition gradient, asymmetric quantum barrier, polarization Breakthroughs and innovations have been achieved in technical aspects such as effect suppression. The SiC-based high-power LED chip developed by the project has a light output power of more than 350mW and a white light efficiency of 109lm / W after packaging. At present, the project undertaking unit has produced LED chips in small batches, and the product quality is stable.

The successful implementation of this topic will further promote the development of China's SiC substrate-based semiconductor lighting technology, and lay a good foundation for narrowing the gap with foreign high-end products.

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