Notes on the ozone aging test chamber test

Notes on the ozone aging test chamber test

In recent years, with the development of the rubber industry and the increasing emphasis on product quality, the ozone test chamber industry has developed rapidly. The ozone aging test chamber is a combined test equipment that artificially simulates one or more harsh environments in the test room. It is an ozone test chamber for researching and developing new products and testing product quality and performance. The ozone test box is to simulate the changes in rubber in the ozone environment. The ozone test box can improve the quality of rubber products. Let us take a look at ozone cracking and strain.

Under tensile strain conditions, only the rubber surface cracked. The shape of the crack and the severity of cracking vary according to the size and nature of the tension being applied. The strain of a product in use will change from a certain point minimum value (this minimum value is not necessarily zero) to another point maximum value. When measuring ozone resistance, the shape of the crack in this elongation range should be considered. The first criterion to explain the ozone resistance of a material is that it does not crack. Therefore, when the sample is exposed for a specified time, its critical strain is large, or its critical critical strain is large, or its time before cracking is longer, its ozone resistance is better.

However, when the rubber is within the specified deformation range and its ozone cracking is less than the allowable limit, another criterion should be used instead. This judgment standard is based on the comparison of performance. If the degree of ozone cracking of one vulcanized rubber is lower than that of the other two types of vulcanized rubber during use, it can be considered that the vulcanized rubber has better ozone cracking resistance than the other. When cracks are visible on the surface of the specimen, they should be recorded immediately in order to determine the overall relationship between the strain and the severity of ozone cracking.

The relationship between ozone cracking and strain is not a simple one. The number of cracks in the sample is related to the size of the sample, and this relationship is related to the specified sample elongation and the critical strain of the specified exposure time for a certain material.

Therefore, for the prescribed exposure period, no ozone cracking occurs (according to the definition) between the zero strain and the critical value. If the strain slightly exceeds its critical value, some large cracks will appear. As the strain gradually increases, the cracks will become more and smaller. Under many strain conditions, the crack is sometimes too small to be seen with the naked eye.

When increasing the exposure time, the cracks will concentrate, especially when there are many cracks on the surface of the sample, which will increase the length of some cracks, but will not increase in proportion to the depth. Crack concentration may be caused by ozone erosion and tearing, and sometimes caused by some large cracks. These large cracks are distributed between dense fine cracks on the surface of the high strain specimen.

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