China's nanomaterials international standards have made major breakthroughs

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine that the two new international standards projects led by the institute, ISO / TS11931 "Nano-CaCO3 Part 1 Characterization and Measurement" and ISO / TS11937 "Nano-TiO2 Part 1 Characterization and Measurement" , Approved by the ISO / TC229 International Nanotechnology Committee, was officially released in December 2012. This marks a major breakthrough in the formulation of international standards for nanomaterials in China.

The Chinese Academy of Procuratorates began to undertake the development of these two international standards in April 2009, and was awarded the Secretary of the National Accreditation Administration, the National Standards Committee, the Nano Standards Committee (SAC / TC279), and the ISO / TC229 / WG4 working group The strong support of experts from the Department and the National Nanoscience Center. By repeatedly soliciting and referring to the opinions and suggestions of the member countries of the world, through rigorous scientific experiments, systematic supplement, modification and improvement, significant progress has been made in the development of two international standards.

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