A complete Waters solution for dicyandiamide in dairy products

Recently, New Zealand milk and milk products have been detected to contain low levels of the toxic substance dicyandiamide. The New Zealand government has ordered a ban on the sale of milk products containing dicyandiamide. Domestic dairy product manufacturers and government regulatory agencies have also begun to establish corresponding analysis methods.

The main difficulties of the dicyandiamide detection method are:

Pre-treatment: The method of melamine is completely unsuitable, the polarity of dicyandiamide is very large, and the general small column cannot be retained;

LCMS method: C18 is not reserved, HILIC method development is difficult; matrix interference is serious, interference quantitative and qualitative.

Waters® now offers a corresponding complete solution, including sample preparation and LCMS method, which can quickly detect the residual dicyandiamide in dairy products.

Instruments: Waters ACQUITY UPLC®, Xevo® TQ-S MS

Column: BEH Amide column, 2.1 * 150mm

Mobile phase A: 0.05% acetic acid in water

Mobile phase B: 0.05% acetonitrile acetate

Flow rate: 0.3mL / min; gradient elution

Column temperature: 30 ℃

Solid phase extraction conditions:

Take 1g milk powder and add 10mL 1% trichloroacetic acid to dissolve and precipitate protein, centrifuge at 12,000 rpm for 10min; take 2mL supernatant and load it on Sep-Pak® AC2 cartridge (Sep-Pak AC2 is connected to 30mL reservoir, wat011390 ), The method recovery rate is 91%.

Conclusion: The matrix of the dairy product is more complex, and the sample can be purified and enriched by Sep-Pak AC2 solid phase extraction column; the polar molecule of dicyandiamide is very polar, and the traditional C18 column cannot be retained. Waters ’BEH Amide chromatography The column is a propylamide stationary phase. In the HILIC mode of hydrophilic interaction chromatography, dicyandiamide has good retention and peak shape. At the same time, ACQUITY UPLC combined with Xevo TQ-S MS can achieve fast and highly sensitive analysis results.

For more information, please contact Waters Corporation Application Technology Specialist:

Ji Yinghua


Ding Juanjuan


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