Small kitchen also has a big "flower head" 5 square meters kitchen cabinets recommended

Decoration needs: The kitchen area is less than 5 square meters, creating a clean and bright modern kitchen.

Recommended cabinet type-one-line cabinet

The inline kitchen layout means that all the work areas are arranged in line along a wall, giving a simple and crisp feeling. This method is often used when the corridor is not wide enough to accommodate the parallel design. The combination of working areas in this spatial structure must be simple, but there must be a smooth passage. Choosing a one-line cabinet means that the kitchen area is limited, and the cabinet lacks the flexibility after the corner and the convenience of the enclosed type. Imagine that when you are operating in the kitchen, you are going from one end to the other, without room for maneuver. Therefore, although this one-line cabinet brings a sense of openness and saves space, it also requires you to have careful arrangements in storage and operation.

Suitable for the crowd: the kitchen area is limited, consumers who want to save space, and are good at arranging storage and operation tables reasonably.

Product Recommendation One: Shangpin House with Amethyst Phantom Overall Cabinet

Model: Kitchen F11708

The use of modern minimalist lines and the use of bohemian fuchsia with fresh and pure white make the space more feminine. The door panel surface can be added with different sizes and shapes of gong flowers. The lines are simple and stylish, revealing romantic and concise. The mood is suitable for modern, simple decoration style family use.

Bohemian charm, romantic covenant of Amethyst Phantom

1. Technological fashion: The door panel is high in brightness and not easy to scratch. The application of the engraving process makes the cabinet door panel more three-dimensional.

2. Streamline operation: The functional areas of the kitchen are clearly distributed, and the washing area, conditioning area and cooking area are lined up for smooth operation.

3. Convenient storage: Kitchen items are easy to sort and store, which improves the utilization of space and makes it easy to pick and place items.

Product recommendation two: the whole cabinet

Model: Milan Town

The main design style of the whole cabinet of the European style "Milan Impression" series is modern and simple. Give people a simple and warm feeling. The simple external shape combined with the color of the beige logs immediately gave the feeling of returning to the forest, which let the soul be released, and the simple happiness of home life was born. The glass design of the wall cabinet and cupboard enhances the overall sense of fashion, and the warm yellow light is not only convenient and practical but also emotional.

The overall layout of the cabinets is reasonable, the storage space is large, and a lot of daily necessities can be placed; the transparent glass door setting at the hanging cabinet gives the cabinet a more flexible and transparent feeling. The wood grain laminated door has a natural and vivid color, and the small gray squares on the door enrich the overall look of the cabinet. Quartz stone countertops have the similar hardness to natural stone but without the shortcomings of natural stone easy to penetrate and natural toxicity.

Product recommendation three: Euromonitor modern simple overall cabinet

Model: Euromonitor KD928

Euromonitor's KD928 overall cabinet retains the texture of the logs. At a glance, there is a thought of returning to nature. Specially selected logs from European forests make life more healthy and comfortable. The rubber wood cabinet imported from Malaysia is adopted. This material has the characteristics of sturdiness, moisture resistance and pressure resistance. It can be used with confidence in the humid areas.

The main design concept of this cabinet is simple and elegant, convenient and practical. The standard size of the cabinet 800mm * 340mm does not take up extra space on the ground, but allows the kitchen to have more capacity. The lower cabinet follows the style and lines of the upper cabinet, and the overall atmosphere is fashionable.

Euromonitor KD928 overall cabinet, stylish appearance without losing the natural taste, high-quality imported materials can improve life security. In addition, although the floor space is small, there is enough storage space to make home life more convenient.

Recommended cabinet type-L-shaped cabinet

For small kitchens, the design of L-shaped cabinets is more common and economical. The three major work centers of cleaning, ingredients and cooking are arranged in sequence in the L-shaped wall space connected to each other. Doing so is more conducive to following the concept of "triangle work space" in the kitchen, placing sinks, refrigerators, and stoves in proper locations, effectively improving the work efficiency of the kitchenette. In addition, the cabinets of small-sized kitchens must make full use of the corners, and some corner baskets can be used to store more cooking utensils.

Don't look at just one more corner, using the turning point on this cabinet can add a lot of fun to the life of the kitchen and realize many new functions. L-shaped cabinets often follow this triangle principle in space treatment, that is, the washing area and the refrigerator are arranged in a triangle. You can use the partitioning treatment ingeniously to increase the interest of life. Imagine taking out the things you need from the hidden refrigerator, cleaning them up in the washing area and on the console, and then turning around to finish the cooking in the cooking area.

Suitable for the crowd: the kitchen area is not large, consumers who want to make full use of indoor space and convenient cooking.

Product Recommendation One: Gold Medal Cannes Feeling Whole Cabinet

Model: Cannes Feelings

This gold cabinet door panel is made of lively matcha green, enjoying the environmental protection, fresh and natural atmosphere. Make old antique handles, interpret the elegant retro of the kitchen. The exquisite inner craftsmanship demonstrates the low-key and dignified feelings. Wear-resistant and heat-resistant white artificial stone countertop, bright color and easy to clean.

This whole cabinet adopts open and three-stage combination pattern design. The open layout creates a warm dining environment and makes home life intimate and comfortable. In addition, the chef, the side kitchen, and the fun restaurant and bar are combined to give people different feelings through different space combinations. Combining refrigeration, washing, operation, cooking, meal preparation and leisure and entertainment, it perfectly interprets the fun life of the kitchen.

Product recommendation 2: Aojia UV panel overall cabinet

Model: UV board + quartz stone

The door of the UV panel can be selected according to the size of the specific kitchen space and the preference of the homeowner. There are up to 24 colors. This is the biggest advantage of choosing the UV door panel. The standard countertop is quartz stone, which is durable and the overall price is per meter Less than one thousand yuan, very affordable.

Product recommendation three: Snowboard molded cabinet

Model: molded plate + quartz stone

Simplicity is abandonment, and it is also a harvest. There are more kitchen debris, and the projects in different categories are also vast, and they are messy if they are not careful. Reasonable partitioning, simple and practical, is the most basic standard for choosing a suitable cabinet, which not only solves the storage problem, but also facilitates daily life. Generally speaking, small-sized kitchens should not be colorful in terms of overall color arrangement. Special attention should not be given to the use of decorative materials printed with three-dimensional patterns or strong contrast between light and dark, otherwise it will not only make the kitchen area visually narrow, but also difficult to clean. This cabinet is particularly good in color processing, simple and elegant.

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