How to improve the working efficiency of box waterproof tester

The waterproof testing machine is used for external lighting and signaling devices and the protection of automobile lamp housings. It can provide realistic simulation of electronic products and their components that may be subjected to water and spray tests during transportation and use. Product waterproof performance.

The use environment of the waterproof testing machine has a direct or indirect impact on its working efficiency. How to improve its work efficiency, we give some suggestions to the friends who have used and are ready to buy the box-type rain test box in terms of product use, for reference:

1. Ambient temperature: 2 degrees-55 degrees

2. Ambient humidity: 0 ~ 85%

3. Power requirements: AC 380 (± 10%) V / 50HZ three-phase five-wire system

4. Pre-installed capacity: 2.0KW

5. No direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources

6. Some space should be left between the box-type rain test box and the wall

7. There is no corrosive gas around, no strong vibration source and strong electromagnetic field exist

8. There must be a certain space between the tested items in the box, the inner wall of the box and the tested items

It is particularly reminded that the ambient operating temperature is particularly important for its working efficiency. If the operating ambient temperature is too high, it will undoubtedly increase the working load of the compressor and greatly reduce its working efficiency. Of course, the cleaning of the test box is also a problem that cannot be ignored. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the equipment will greatly extend the life of the equipment!

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