How to make the ultraviolet aging test box operate correctly?

Nowadays, the electronic communication industry is developing rapidly, and high-end intelligence is starting to compete among businesses. Consumers have become the moderators or terminators in this war. Because of the improvement of personal consumption of water products, the change of social environment, the update of electronic communication equipment is fast. Consumers tend to follow the market trend, and will spend a lot of money to buy their favorite communication terminal. Of course, the communication equipment you have will certainly study its operation, and you have to take care of it. Similarly, a UV aging test box with a low cost also requires the correct use of the operator and proper operation in order to make it run longer and more stable.

The correct operation is as follows:

1. Turn on the main power.

2. Turn on the device start button.

3. Set the touch screen parameters of the ultraviolet aging test box:

(a) The touch screen displays the main menu when power is turned on

(b) Set the parameters in the menu, the irradiation temperature is generally set to 60 degrees \ the condensation temperature is set to 50 degrees. Humidity is generally 60-80% RH. The irradiation time is generally 8 hours and the condensation time is 8 or 4 hours. The spraying time can be set as required. The irradiation intensity was set to 90% at the beginning, and set to 100% after 500 hours.

(c) After setting, press the operation screen and press the "OK" start button to start the device.

4. After the ultraviolet aging test box is tested, turn off the main power supply and clean the box.

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