How to Use Gym Exercise Machine--Lat Pull-down Machine

High drop with Lat Pull-down machine is a great move that helps us exercise our back muscles very well, especially the latissimus dorsi. At the same time high drop is also a simple and easy to learn action, so many exercisers love it. Here we are going to talk about the high pull-down with Gym Exercise Machine.

When workout with the lat pull-down machine, many people tend to backward the body and over chest in order to avoid humpback posture, which makes it easy to cause lumbar hyperextension, resulting in asymmetric lumbar extrusion and hurt.

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The right way is slightly hypsokinesis with the gym Exercise Machine instead of simply arching. Tighten your abdominal muscles, and make the spine firmly fixed in the neutral position, while maintaining the chest under the pressure ribs (do not let the ribs tilt up). Then choose the weight you can control.

Alternative action:

If you are not able to adjust, you can try the alternative action with another gym exercise machine, using the ramp to support, and then pull. Lean to get more powerful support.

1. Choose a tilted stool, about 45 degrees. Then prone on the stool. Handle the rough rope.

2. Hold the cable and pull the elbows on your shoulders to your sides, squeezing your back and holding it for two seconds.

3. Then expand the shoulder blade and slowly extend the arm to return.

gym exercise machine

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